driving app

A free car insurance app has been made available for a select period of time for people shopping for car insurance. The app was created in conjunction by MyDrive solutions which is a company that specializes in profiling people driving habits. The app is free to download from Google Play and uses existing mobile phone

Tablet technology to look forward to in 2013

Over the course of the last year we have quite a few innovative designs and inventions by all the major touchscreen manufacturers. Google has recently released its nexus range, apple has recently released the seventh version of its IOS, Microsoft has only recently released the surface and is already making major upgrades with its release

How to Backup Files in Windows XP

Before you being the process of backing up your data you should make all of the files that you will be backing up are in an easy to find location and well organized. This is not hard to do in Windows XP because each User has their own sub folder in Documents and Settings. Most

Fan Culture & Its Implications For Brands

Last week I got the pleasure of being able to watch a short film created by social media agency, Amplify, based around the theory of ‘FanCulture’. You’re probably wondering what fan culture is around about now, well it is a theory researched by the guys at Amplify which seeks to dismantle the interwoven pieces of