driving app

A free car insurance app has been made available for a select period of time for people shopping for car insurance. The app was created in conjunction by MyDrive solutions which is a company that specializes in profiling people driving habits.

The app is free to download from Google Play and uses existing mobile phone technology within the Android and iPhones. Once installed, certain information about driving will be recorded and be used in designating what category the driver will be in. These categories correspond to qualified discounts if the person decides to purchase car insurance from a particular website.

Downloading the app is free and easy to implement. The mobile phones will be equipped with an internal GPS device that will monitor the driving behaviour based on different situations. Safe drivers will be rewarded with substantial discounts in their premium rates if they opt to purchase their insurance through a specific website.

During the promotion period free items will be given to people who test out the device as well. It should take 250 driving miles to get a complete evaluation of the driving pattern but it only takes 20 miles to starting receiving free items. After 20 miles of being evaluated a person can receive a complimentary car cradle and charger for the phone.

The most important aspect here is to find out whether the driver has safe driving habits. If they do according to the standards set forth within the app itself, then they can be rewarded with lower insurance premiums. Since everyone wants to try to cut costs wherever possible, this can turn out to be a real money saver.

The premise behind the app is to educate people about their driving habits and create an environment where there are a lot more people who drive safely and are aware of the hazards.

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