How to Download and setup Kodi media player on your PC

It was released in 2002 under the name XBMC but now it has been named as Kodi Software. It is an open source media player which performs various tasks easily. It can precisely be used to cast Movies from one source to your Television. After our Last Post about Showbox for PC Well, this app might be very much useful for geeks who can use it for multiple purposes like recording and more. The Android beta version of the app was released a long time ago and now it has become very much famous as well.

On the other hand, you can install Addons for different purposes and use the storage media as well. These add-ons can easily perform and play digital media files from online platforms like YouTube, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Crackle and many more. Also, you can use these add-ons to stream live IPTV on Kodi. Similarly you canDownload Showbox app for free Other than this it uses custom media player to run digital media directly from the storage facility.

The version on which Kodi is currently running on is 15.0 named Isengard. This new version has eliminated many bugs, problems you could have faced in the previous one. So, if you are looking forward to downloading the latest version of XBMC app then follow below guide. Also install Showbox on Blackberry Playbook now.

Kodi XBMC App Features

Kodi app can be considered as one of the best remote and media control application in the world. It features different helpful tasks like recording, remote control and many more.

  • It has been released for different desktop platforms
  • You can stream to HD Television as well
  • You can record visual and audio media in no time
  • It is a cross-platform media center application
  • You can download this app for free and install easily
  • The app features very easy to understand design and navigation
  • You can fetch any option, feature and record videos easily
  • The app is also available for mobile operating platforms

Download Kodi App For PC/Laptop Windows XP/7/8 And MAC OS

Kodi is an open source media center being used by millions of subscribers. It can be used for many tasks and remote control making your work easy. This app has been released for the number of platforms, but we are going to look into few. In this guide, you will learn the steps to install XBMC Kodi for Windows and MAC desktop platform easily.

  • First you will need to visit the Kodi XBMC website from here
  • Now you need to click on “Downloads” option in menu bar
  • Next apart would be to select the download link for your respective OS
  • Next step would be to save the .exe file on your desktop and run it
  • Then after the setup will begin, you need to choose directory to install
  • The installation will begin and once completed icon can be seen on desktop
  • Now you have successfully installed Kodi app on your Windows and MAC platform!

Tada! You have finally completed the install process and get this amazing app on your desktop platform. Now you will be able to stream, cast, record and do different tasks.

Download Kodi XBMC App For Mobile Platform

As I already said this app has also been made available for Android, IOS platforms. You can use the below download links in order to install this app for respective mobile OS.

  • Kodi XBMC for Android
  • Koid XBMC for IOS

If you still have any doubts, post it in the below comment section. We will try to answer your question very soon and share this article online as well.