History of Taco Bell

The Taco Bell is a fast-food chain of restaurants that is headquartered in California, U.S., which goes on to offer the Mexican- based or inspired foods. It was founded in the year 1962 by an American entrepreneur named Glen Bell, now this chain has over 7,000 locations and around 350 plus franchisees across the world.

Its devotion to the branding and its ever-changing item lineup has gone on to make it amongst the most reachable, attainable, and unique restaurant chains of the fast-food.

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Fighting Out The Rivals & Ruling Them Out

Before setting up the first-ever taco bell that opened in the Downey, California back in the year 1962, Glen Bell operated and owned numerous other restaurants, consisting of the Bell’s Hamburgers and Bell’s Drive-In and the Hot Dogs in the San Bernardino.

Glen’s life of serving a quick Mexican-inspired fare started in the year 1951 at the Bell’s Hot Dogs and Hamburgers, where Glen thought to sell the hard-shell tacos in order to distinguish himself from other existing rivals (particularly McDonald’s, that also took the root somewhere in San Bernardino).

Bell was the member of the partnerships that controlled and owned the Taco Tia and El Taco (1954–56) & (1958–62) respectively.

Both had multiple locations in southern California. After selling out his stake in the El Taco, Glen became the only proprietor of The Taco Bell and then he opened the 1st location at the 7112 Firestone in the Downey, in the modest 20×20 foot plaster building.

Expansion Of The Taco Bell

Taco Bell quickly expanded, gaining its first-ever franchisee, a retired Los Angeles cop Kermit Becky, in the year 1964 and 100th restaurant that is located at the 400 South Brookhurst in the year 1967. Three years after, Bell made the company public and by that time it had a total number of about 325 restaurants placed across the West of the US.

In the year 1978 PepsiCo bought 868 restaurants from Taco Bell for about 125 million dollars. It was this very sale in particular that began the Taco Bell’s switch from the regional hit to the national sensation.

The Sum-Up

In the late 1980s and 1990s, the firm began introducing a new menu and the restaurant concepts whilst also expanding the branding and marketing efforts. That’s very much the history of the taco bell and how it went on to become such an established chain of restaurants.