How a New Barcode System Can Save You Time and Money

If you aren’t utilizing a barcode system right now, then you may not know how useful it can be for your business. A barcode system is used to track barcodes, and this simple act of tracking can save you thousands of dollars and hours of time. It is a lot easier to track your inventory, analyze theft and ring up customers. If you want to see all of the benefits associated with a barcode system, then read on to find out.

Tracking Inventory

Counting inventory is never fun, but it’s necessary if you want to

English: An example barcode in the EAN13 format.

have accurate records. You also need to know your inventory so that you can order items when you need them. It often takes several hours for someone to count all of the boxes and items you have, and it can be quite inaccurate at times if the employee misses something.

Having a barcode system makes it much easier to track your inventory. The inventory will automatically be updated whenever someone buys an item, and the automated inventory record is very accurate. While it can be thrown off by theft, the automated record you have can be used as a guideline.

Better Ordering

Many small businesses lose money because they don’t know when to order an item. For example, you might think that you have 100 cases of a product left, but you really just have one or two. The opposite can also happen. You might think you have few cases left, but you really have many in the warehouse.

Both of these scenarios cost you money. The first costs you money because you will probably run out of products before you receive the new ones. You can’t make money if you don’t have things to sell. The latter scenario costs you money because the product life cycle might be near its end, and you might be caught with hundreds of cases of products that no one wants to buy.

A barcode system will let you quickly look at your inventory so that you can decide if you really need to order. You can also set alerts so that you will be warned when your inventory is running low.

Reduce Shrink

Many things can cause shrink, but the worst culprit is often theft. It’s difficult to determine when someone is stealing items if you are counting the inventory manually. This is because you don’t have a record of how many products were purchased, and you have to rely entirely on your paper records.

A barcode system will show you how many items were bought, and this makes it easier to see if someone is stealing items. For example, if you count the items by hand, then you would just see that you have five less cases of product. If you count the items with a barcode system, then you would see that four cases of products were rung up, but another one is unaccounted for. This might show you that internal theft is happening, and you can take the necessary steps to stop this.

Better Customer Service

Most customers want to get in and out of your store as quickly as possible. They don’t want to wait several minutes for you to write a paper invoice for just a few products. If you don’t have a barcode system, then an invoice is the only thing you can use to complete a sale. Having a barcode system allows you to use a POS system that can quickly scan the product’s barcode.

Not only is this faster, but it also saves money. If someone has to write a paper invoice, then he or she has to know the exact price of the product. If the employee consistently writes lower prices on the invoice, then you can lose a lot of money. A barcode system avoids this problem by ensuring the price is consistent.


A barcode system is one of the most essential things you need to run a business. You can easily keep track of your inventory, ringing up customers is easier and faster, you can analyze and potentially avoid theft and you won’t accidentally order products at the wrong time. If you want to save money and time, then get a barcode system for your business.

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