The Greatest Technological Advancements Of The Next Ten Years

This is something that me and my friends discuss a lot. What will be the greatest technological advancement over the next ten years? This is based on what will further us as a species rather than what the coolest toy will be! Here I’ll go through the things we’ve discussed and researched and you can make your own mind up as to what you think will be the best in the comments below. So, here we go.

In-Vitro meat

Sounds disgusting, but In-Vitro meat could wipe out world hunger and save the planet at the same time! In vitro meat is flesh that is created in a laboratory and therefore negates the need to keep (and feed) ozone destroying livestock. This will cope with the ever increasing populations and enable all food to go to humans for much much cheaper prices as the consumer will not be paying for the grain that’s been fed to the animal they are eating. Nice one science.

3D Printing hitting the mainstream

Creating 3D objects with a printer seems like it’s a bit farfetched but this is actually possible today as you can see by the video below. When this hits the mainstream the average Joe consumer will have a 3D printer in their own home
, replicating parts as and wherever necessary through online blueprints from manufacturers. Imagine being able to replace a broken part or even go over to your garage and MAKE the tool that you’re after. This will revolutionise the consumer good market and its difficult to see how a lot of industries will survive.

Quantum computing

Moore’s Law can go and do one because here’s Michio Kaku telling it how it is.

I think the implications of this are obvious 🙂

Space-based solar power

The pessimist in me says this will never happen and be implemented worldwide as there is simply too much profit in non-renewable energy. But anyhoo, space based solar power is…collecting solar power in space. Why space? Because it is far more efficient as the solar energy is transmitted straight into the solar panels and can be collected 24 hours a day. This is pretty obvious, but the ingenious part is how we will transmit this power back down to earth, wires are obviously a not feasible – power will be transmitted back down to earth via a laser or microwaves.

So, these are the stuff we talked about, I hope this opened your eyes a bit. I couldn’t really be bothered to do all of the research needed to talk about nanotechnology, but that seems pretty awesome too! I personally see in vitro meat as the most important and revolutionary of this list as it has the potential to wipe out world hunger – whether this will happen or not, only time will tell.

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