How to watch ufc fight on kodi using PPV addons

UFC is one of the most watched sports and always in demand content. This is mainly because the UFC is paid content and only some streaming provider has the broadcast rights. Generally, UFC is marketed as PPC matches. Where the user has to pay a certain amount to watch the match. It’s around 50$. And for a single match, $50 is a pretty high cost. And n addition to this most of the users have the cable connection. Its cost is around $200. This situation has to lead the user to search for the alternative sources.

free UFC on Kodi

When comes to chord cutting kodi is one of the most used chord cutters. Though firestick and Roku are considered to be the best chord cutters, kodi is the reason behind it. Most of the users are cord because they can stream the same content for free with kodi. In this article, we will explain “How to watch UFC fight on kodi using addons”. Though there are a lot of ways to watch UFC on kodi, I am going to share a single method, that worked for me at all times like a charm. Stay tuned!

How to watch UFC fight on kodi using addons

To watch UFC on kodi, first, you need to install kodi. You can install kodi on just 4 simple steps.

  1. Go to kodi official site
  2. Select the operating system for your device.
  3. Download kodi from the Download > Pre Release section.
  4. Now install the kodi by following the wizard.

Thus kodi has been installed on your device. These are just simple steps. The detailed procedure has been given in kodi official sites. For further details refer to the installation guide from the official site.

Before proceeding to the next step, you need to know about Repository, addons, and skins. Since we will be using these terms in the tutorial its mandatory to learn about those. You can refer this guide to know more


Now we will proceed to the installation process of repository followed by addons. With the help of these addons you can directly watch UFC on kodi. I have been doing this for the past 5 months. It’s been good.

How to install kodi repository

You need to install the repository to install addons. Because the repository has the addons and it acts as a gateway to install these addons. By installing repository your addons will be updated automatically. It saves a lot of time in a long run. Follow the below steps to install supremacy repository. Planet MMA addon is located in this repo.

  1. Go to settings > File manager.
  2. Select Add source > None
  3. Now enter the URL as “” and give any name for the repo.
  4. select addons menu from the home screen.
  5. select the icon at the top left corner.
  6. Select install from zip file
  7. Select the name you had given.
  8. wait for few seconds, repo will be installed.

How to install Planet MMA Kodi addon

Though there are a lot of addons, this is addon works for me just fine. So I am supposed to share details about this addon only. Planet MMA kodi addon is located in supremacy repo. And its one of the best addon to watch UFC on kodi. It was previously known as UFC finest. Now renamed as planet MMA. Follow the steps to install Planet MMA. For a detailed guide refer to

  1. select addons menu from the home screen.
  2. select the icon at the top left corner.
  3. Select install from repository
  4. Select supremacy repo > Video addons> Planet MMA.
  5. Now select install and wait for notification

Thus planet MMA has been installed to your device. Now open the addon and select Live Nights > UFC live nights. Here you can find the streams of live UFC matches. Hereafter enjoys all the UFC matches on kodi.

If you need further clarification, coment below.