Why Not Using Social Media Could Be Harming Your Brand

Social interaction is a human way of life. In the beginning, as we all know, it started with the cave man drawing on the walls of his home to highlight a time in his life that he wanted to show off and preserve. Fast forward 20,000 years and here we now are, but instead we are highlighting all the times in our life that we want to show off and preserve on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr and all the other high profiled social networking platforms.

Enter modern day advertising……

Over the last 100 years, marketing and advertising has become a booming industry with a distinct way to continually interact and gain the attention of the general public. For too long this communication has been a one way tool, with radio, print and TV taking over everyday life. Come the mid-00’s a new platform rose from the internet, which was something that the advertisers and marketing gurus we’re trying to tame. Social networks allowed users to interact with one another exactly like they’d do in a social environment, except this time it was all technological and everyone had a voice to be heard.
Early adopters to the power of social networking were mainly among the unsigned artists in the music industry. These quick thinking creatives understood that if people liked their music they would share it with their friends, and then with their friends, and so on and so on, it was only after a few small unknown folk made it straight in to the public eye via MySpace that brands ears began to perk up.

Facebook was born mid-00’s and would eventually grow to become the “internet within the internet” that it is now, with almost 1/7 of the worlds population signed up and interacting with one another. Brands can now communicate across all territories in what could be seen as a border-less world, Coca-Cola can interact with their consumers in Japan as well has Toyota can communicate with their consumers in America and gain a great insight in to what their consumers think, feel and say about their brand.
But what of the brands not using social media?

There aren’t many brands that don’t use social media in some form or other now-a-days, especially major brands, but there are a few “stick in the mud” types who don’t believe that social media has the power that people are saying it does. Vertical markets such as financial and law have very little presence on social media and what they do have, they don’t monitor well. None of the major high street banks operate on Facebook, and with an economy in the state it’s in now the consumer is looking to the bank for reassurance and guidance.

Social media is a great way to gauge what your consumers are saying about you and a place too get really strong market research completed, as well as a place to interact with consumers, chat to them, learn their stories and build relationships that may have been damaged in the first place. It’s too often that customers get frustrated with brands because they have an issue and have to call a premium rate number to be told the answer is on their FAQ page of the website, social media can stop these small, tiny, insignificant issues from happening but if you’re not on it, you’re not going to know that the person who rang and was directed to their FAQ page has vented their frustration to 320 of their followers and they’ve all read it.

No longer is the saying, “if it’s good a person will tell 2 friends, if it’s bad they’ll tell 10” those numbers have now increased significantly.

Think about it.

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